BLS International Celebrates One Successful Year of Contract with Spain MOFA

BLS International Celebrates One Successful Year of Contract with Spain MOFA

BLS International Services Ltd., amongst world’s largest specialist service provider for outsourcing of visa, passport, consular, attestation and citizen services to the Governments and Diplomatic Missions has completed its thriving one year of contract with Spain MOFA in December, 2017. To make this achievement more momentous, various celebrationstook place across different Visa Application Centres (VACs)in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other application centres.

Last year in December, BLS – the acknowledged visa service provider, was awarded with €175mn Spain Global Visa Contract for five years; and in a matter of just one year, BLS International took its operational reach toa new feat of success by incorporating 124 Spain VACs globally. As per the official source, all the VAC employees and corporate office were in an ecstatic frame of mind while celebrating the 1st centenary of Spain Visa Contract.

The commemoration was started-off with warm speech from the respective senior officials at the VACs and BLS offices, which wasfollowed by a cake cutting ceremonial and lively celebrations. The event was an elated moment for the officials at Spain Visa Application Centre in Indonesia, where the occasion was attended by Mr. Juan Manglano, Vice Consul and Ms. Paula &Ms. Sarah from the Visa Section.

Considering the operational accomplishment, the journey for BLS International has been quite a flourishing last year. In the month of November 2017, new Application Centres were set up in the countries like Ireland, New York and Singapore for Spain Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, making the total count to 124 VACs across the globe. With inauguration of these VACs, a new dimension of business extension was attained by BLS International giving rise to a total of Spain VACs across 49 countries.

To sustain the ongoing momentum of Spain Visa processing services across the world, BLS International is now poised to bring different Value Added Services (VAS) at various application centres globally. Some of the convenience services like photocopying, Internet kiosks, photo booth, printing etc. are alreadybeing provided for ease of applying Spanish visas globally. Besides, the organisation is also expectant to add several other enticing services like Premium Lounge, Mobile Biometric Services, Flexi Hours and Prime Time across the Application Centres.

BLS International entered into the business way back in 2005 and over the years, the service provider has successfully expanded its client Government base to several countries by signing a direct contract with the Foreign Ministries. Today, the organisation is an eminent player in the said domain, and taking itsphenomenal performance into consideration, we can anticipate many such delightful occasions of celebration in coming years.