La Tomatina, the World’s Largest Food Fight Festival in Spain

La Tomatina, the World’s Largest Food Fight Festival in Spain

Given a chance to prefer bullfight over food fight; two very popular fiestas in Spain, it’s going to be a difficult take for tourists. If bullfighting is reckoned as the traditional spectacle of Spain, La Tomatina on the other hand, is referred as the world’s biggest food fight. So, let’s not make these two cultural events a bone of contention, as it is always a tough call for a visitor to be particular about any of these two. If you have missed out to pocket your Spanish Visa this year, there is nothing to be worried about. We bring you a far-fetched flavour of Tomatina festival in the Spanish Mediterranean town of Bunol.

Just imagine you are walking across the lane of Mediterranean town in Spain and thousands of tomatoes are thrown at you! It sounds super exciting, isn’t it?

Tomatina or La Tomatina is basically a traditional food festival in Spain, which is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. To witness this greatest offbeat food fight, plenty of visitors flock here from all across the sphere. Last year, around one hundred metric tons of tomato debris was thrown at the entire street of Bunol, which was witnessed by plenty of day-trippers from different parts of the globe. Like every eventful year, this year also (29th August 2018) more than 20 thousands plus people are expected to be a part of this spectacular fiesta throwing 150 tons of ripened tomatoes at each other. This incredible food fight usually ends in an hour time. During this messy fiesta, all the nearby shopkeepers cover their shops using huge plastics to stay protected from the carnage.

If you plan to be a part of this astounding festival in the coming years, make sure your accommodation gets managed in advance. The reason being, in the month of August, Bunol gets frequented by heaps of footfalls, and it becomes quite difficult for visitors to find a suitable accommodation during that period of time. Hence, most of the tourists prefer staying in Valencia, which is located nearly 37Kms away from Bunol. If you make it to Bunol during the festival, make sure you follow the listed instructions as safety measures:

  • No hard objects are allowed to throw at each other
  • Security staff will be there to guide you in following the instructions
  • Squeeze tomatoes well before throwing them at someone
  • Participants are not allowed to tear the tees
  • Always maintain a distance from loaded trucks
  • Don’t throw tomatoes with intent to hurt anyone

Having outlined the key information on Tomatina festival, next imperative concern that often strikes a visitor’s mind is how to get there?

Spain is always an awe-inspiring realm on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula that you can plan a voyage anytime across the calendar. Like any other foreign territory, entering to Spain also requires you a valid visa. Therefore, while applying for a Spanish visa, you need to know the type of Visa that will meet your purpose of visit. Usually, festival trips are done under Travel/Tourist Visa. To apply, you need to fill up the Visa Application Form correctly and submit all the required documents as per the specifications stated by the Embassy/Consulate. Thereafter, you need to make the final payment. Once your visa gets approved, you will be updated about the same via call/SMS/email.

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