Proficient Human Capital behind Impeccable Services of BLS International

Proficient Human Capital behind Impeccable Services of BLS International

In order to perpetuate the impetus of unrivalled performance in today’s market environment, every organisation needs to employ, nurture and inspire proficient people at workplace. Keeping in mind the significance of operational expansion and relevant confronts in the provisions of Government to Citizen (G-to-C) services, BLS International believes that putting quality personnel into practice is as imperative tothe robust culture and values of an organisation.

Being an acknowledged leader and amongst world’s largest specialist service providers for outsourcing of Visa, Passport, Attestation and Citizen-Centric services to the Diplomatic Missions and Governments globally, we help our professionals in developing the right mindset by training them for operational, technical, process-based and social aspects of thinking. We aim to continue our commitment to quality services with highest levels of customer satisfaction. We hone our in-house talent so that they become the best at what they deliver making it effortless and hassle free for the applicants.

To keep our service paradigm beyond brilliance, we follow an established HR processby rewarding and recognising the best employee on monthly basis. Besides, the effectual HR process of the company, we motivate our workforce byoffering Employee Referral Schemes, interactive Induction programs and various recreational activities at the workplace. Some of the impactful initiatives to strengthen the ‘BLS Community’ as a whole include the following:

Effective Training Programs: Through our four Global Training Centres (GTCs) located in India, Dubai, Singapore and London, we conduct regular training programs encompassing Customer Relations Management(CRM) and Security Protocols. This embraces all aspects of expertise and behavioural needs enabling our workforce in achieving organisational vision and mission. The continuous training program includes different aspects like Interpersonal Skill Training, Safety Training, Managerial Trainingand Soft Skill Training.

Empowering Specially-abled Personnel: We believe in engaging proficiency beyond boundaries as more than 2% of our total workforce is specially-abled, which signifies our commitment towards staffing the resources with less advantaged. They not only bring inimitable experiences in fostering innovation at the workplace but contribute to a culture of warmth as well.

Team Building and Recreational Activities: No goal is unattainable if performed as a team. BLS’ employees are always encouraged to actively take part in team building and recreational activities. A key upshot of team building and collective efforts always help an organisation in mitigating the barriers and discrimination at the workplace.

Proficient human capital of BLS International thus plays a pivotal role in delivering its impeccable services across the sphere.