Spain, the Mediterranean marvel encrusted with nature’s most beguiling sites and man’s most stunning creations, is a vibrant country with an unmatchable vibe.

We often use the term ‘there’s something for everyone here’ while describing a popular tourist destination. But none of those destinations quite deserves to be awarded the term, as Spain does.

Truly, it doesn’t matter what your preferred holiday type is, or which season you like to travel in, or for that matter, what your age is! Regardless of the permutation-combination you apply, Spain is going to ace the ‘favorites’ exam.

Once you visit Spain, its memories live rent-free in your minds forever! (We are not even exaggerating)

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So, what makes Spain so popular? Well, there are many (countless) factors, but let’s begin with the most obvious one for today’s discussion- the beaches of Spain!

Picture- sitting on sparkling white sands and soaking in the Mediterranean sun with a view of the never-ending aquamarine waters.

Amazing, right?

Now add a Valencia orange to the vision. And throw in a catchy Spanish tune.

Oh, you’re going to want to live in this vision forever!


Before we lose you to wanderlust and daydreaming…

There’s something you need to read first!

There are more beaches in Spain, apart from Ibiza, and we are here to tell you all about them and make them super accessible with our visa and passport outsourcing services. So, without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best beaches in Spain, barring Ibiza (not because we don’t love it- but because you probably already know about it).

1. Tossa De Mar in Costa Brava

The destination made uber popular by Indian Cinema (*Cue soundtrack of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara), Costa Brava, is a divers’ and surfers’ paradise. Where it has many gorgeous beaches that offer daytime diving sessions and cruises, none are quite as pretty as the ones in Tossa De Mar.

The little district located in the province of Girona allows you to indulge in watersports, history, culture, and cuisine, all at once. These quaint little beaches, with bars offering succulent seafood, are one of Spain’s best-kept secrets.

When in Tossa De Mar, do remember to spare time to visit the 14th-century fort there. It is simply marvelous.

 2. Puerto Banus in Marbella

So stunning are the white sands and turquoise waters of Puerto Banus that you will need to pinch yourself to believe in its existence.

Easily one of the most popular beaches of Spain (especially amongst Spaniards!), this beach receives a lot of footfalls during peak travel season, so make sure to plan your visit when it’s less likely to be overcrowded.

Puerto Banus is Marbella’s high street, like the Hamptons of Spain! You can find every luxury brand worth its salt nestled in its nooks and crannies. This shoppers’ paradise, by day, turns into party central by night, and so infectious is its vibe that you simply cannot resist.

You will want to come back here again, we promise!

3. Las Teresitas in the Canary Islands

The moon-shaped beaches of Las Teresitas are a photographer’s dream realized! Fun fact it is one of Spain’s “artificial” beaches.

The story goes- that in a bid to enhance tourism in the country, Spain imported millions of tons of sand from the Sahara Desert to cover the beaches in the Canary Islands. They believed that the tourists wouldn’t like the naturally black-colored sand of the beaches there.

Well, where we can’t say whether the tourists prefer brown or black sands, the way Spain’s tourism has skyrocketed since clearly shows that their bid paid off! In fact, the most famous city in Spain, Barcelona, has also been covered in artificial sand.

Coming back to La Teresitas, it is a super family-friendly destination that offers an array of water sports for all age groups to indulge in. Even if you can’t stay the night here, we highly recommend a day trip to its scenic shores.

4. Maspalomas in Gran Canaria

A resort town unlike any other, Maspalomas is home to so many ecosystems it is almost like a mini country in itself. It has snow-capped mountains, deserts covered in dunes, a volcano, and sunny beaches all within its borders!

From retail therapy to theme parks, there is so much to do in Maspalomas that we highly recommend staying a night or two here. During your stay here, you have to visit the famed beaches, but if you have time for only one activity- we recommend camel riding on the dunes! It is a one-of-its-kind experience you simply cannot miss out on. If you are staying the night here, do head to the casino for its lively ambiance and fabulous food.

5. Cala Macarelleta in Menorca

A fun fact about the island of Menorca is that in 1993, UNESCO gave it the distinct title of “Reserve of Biosphere.” Meaning that Menorca was considered a site for learning about sustainable development after that!

One of the prettiest beaches on the island, Cala Macarelleta’s crystal clear waters are mesmerizing. Pulsating with energy and vigor, this beach offers indulgence in a few water sports but is more popularly known for its daytime mini-cruise parties. We highly recommend going on one!

The sunny island receives sunshine for nearly 300 days a year, making it the perfect getaway destination during the biting winter months.

Now with the list of Spain’s most spell-binding beaches with you, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Spanish adventure now! And don’t worry about the travel documentation… as usual, your reliable travel support system, a.k.a. BLS provides the most efficient visa and passport outsourcing services so that your holiday planning is seamless and fun!