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BLS firmly believes in the ease of applying visas and E-Visa Services is one of our prime front end services and serves as an alternative to visa issued at various missions and at the ports of entry. BLS E-Visa Solution allows applying for visas via the internet after sending required information at our VAC’s Database Management System thereby allowing government to issue an electronic visa (E-Visa), making online payments by a credit or debit card and obtaining a confirmation letter which can be printed out or sent via e-mail. BLS E-Visa solution allows handling of all activities via the internet; an E-Visa issuance solution is supported with a corresponding government inspection solution, where the border control systems are connected to the central visa database.

We make sure our visa-seeking candidate’s visa-process is hassle-free and in the legally designated time; she/he is notified via e-mail/text message about the outcome of the review application. The E-Visa is issued after the submitted information has been assessed and found to meet relevant criteria and once it is approved, our visa issuance system sends a notice to the applicant for a link to download and print the E-Visa.

The link to download the E-Visa is then provided to her/him at the final stage where she/he is notified about the completion of the application. In addition, the same link is sent across through a text message by BLS.

Adding more to the process, an applicant is required to present their E-Visa at the immigration checkpoint for verification upon their arrival. The border control officers at ports of entry verifies an applicant’s E-Visa with their respective system to facilitate entry.