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BLS International Services Russia

BLS International Services Ltd offers impeccable services to our clients by taking up administrative, Logistic and Technical tasks enabling Diplomatic missions to focus entirely on assessment. For applicants, the process makes the complete life-cycle of attaining a visa more efficiently and time saving along with a wonderful reception which the applicant receives from our dedicated and motivated staff especially handpicked to deliver the best services. We do take pride in delivering customer delight services to the applicants. The WOW factor is considered significant where continuous training of staff enables to help both the clients and customers. For our clients, we make sure that the integrity and trust is maintained hence all necessary steps are taken to ensure safety and genuineness of the information provided to our clients. We take prompt steps to keep us abreast to maintain safety and security of information. Our "face–to–face" contact centres are highly equipped with latest technology to reduce the wait times and manage the security.

Our services

We help various Embassies and Missions to outsource visa & passport application services to us in order to maintain their own competency that is to assess applications in an efficient manner.

The final judgment bestows with the mission for the visa or passport however, we maintain transparency in helping gather all the information which the mission requires to process visas and passports. We are highly proficient in providing information to the Embassies in a timely manner and customize reports according to the Embassies requirements. We have face-to-face contact centres where a user-friendly atmosphere is maintained to make customers as comfortable as possible.