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Updates and Notices

Updates and Notices

Consulate General of India
Hong Kong


16th January, 2023

Minimum processing time for various Consular services being provided by Indian Consulate in Hong Kong (either directly or through its External Application Service Centre managed by M/s BLS International Ltd) is as below;

S.No. Service Category Minimum Processing Time*
1. Visa 5 working days a
2. Issue/Re-issue of Passport 20 working days
3. Other Consular services such as attestation of Domestic Helper contract; Birth/Death/ Marriage/ Educational certificate; copy of Passport/OCI & other documents; attestation of Commercial documents, Surrender of Indian Passport etc (as mentioned on our website) for which applications are submitted at Consulate’s External Application Service Centre managed by M/s BLS Intl. Ltd 3 working days
4. Other consular services such as attestation of affidavits for name, DOB, relationship, change in appearance based on Indian passport; issue of NRI/ Life/ Death certificate; attestation of power of attorney/sworn affidavit; verification of Indian Driving License, issue of NOC for transportation of mortal remains etc (as mentioned on our website) for which applications are submitted directly at Consulate. 1 working day
5. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 4 weeks b
6. New/Re-issue of OCI (From date of payment & bio-metrics) 6 weeks
7. New OCI- Foreign Spouse Category (From date of payment & bio-metrics) 12 weeks

* Excluding the date of submission of application and collection of document.

a There are certain categories of Visa/Nationalities which may require longer processing time.

b It may take longer than the mentioned timeline as it is issued only after approval from the concerned authorities.

2. There is no provision for Tatkal passport facility or to shorten/expedite the process of various services or forgo the requirement of proper documentation either by paying extra fee or any other pretext.

3. Please mention particulars such as full name (as in passport), nationality, passport number, application file no, date of submission of application (BLS or Consulate), contact details such as mobile number, in your email while seeking to know the status of application already submitted. Providing these particulars will enable us to trace your application and respond. Please write to info.hk@blsinternational.net for any applications submitted at the BLS Centre, and for applications submitted directly at the Consulate, applicants may write to visasection.hongkong@mea.gov.in (for visa related issues), passportsection.hongkong@mea.gov.in (for miscellaneous consular services) and ocipio.hongkong@mea.gov.in (for OCI related applications). Queries related to status of application will be entertained after expiry of the minimum processing time, mentioned for the service.